Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jeff's "Big Night" Timpano Party

It took two nights of preparation, but Jeff finally had his "Big Night." Jeff got together with our friend Scott and they made Timpano, inspired by the movie, Big Night. (If you haven't seen it, it's worth the time to watch.) On Friday night Jeff and Scott made the Ragu sauce and meatballs. Today, they finished cutting up the rest of the ingredients, making and rolling out the crust and assembling the Timpano. What follows are the pictures of the assembly process. The dinner was great, BTW. In additional to Scott, we had Scott's wife Pattie, and two of Jeff's high school friends along with their dates who joined us (Chris, Jennie, Sarahann and Daniel). Sorry you all missed it. We'll have to do this again once we get back up to Oregon. I would post the recipes, but someone else already did it.