Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mostly Finished With House Planning

During the last few days I visited at least five different flooring sellers and I think I have settled on what I want to put in my grandmother's old house. If this house wasn't going to be a rental when Jeff and I move out, I would put in Marmoleum to keep the retro rancher integrity, but alas I needed to choose an easy-care and durable flooring. And this year fake-stone vinyl is in; nearly everything has some sort of fake stone look, be it slate, limestone, or others. So, that's what I'm choosing.

Also, paint colors, as far as I can find, were bold and bright. Too bright for modern preferences, but I'm going to mostly go with them. I hate beige, so this plan will work for me, at least until we buy a house. I won't be using more than one bright color in a room, though. Here is one picture from a 1950's ad. This is not the color scheme we're going with. Here's a better kitchen from an ad.
(Both of the kitchen images were lifted from the really great Retro Renovation blog.)

Here is our general paint pallet:

For the Kitchen I am choosing Mannington Naturals Pompeii Ash 17360 flooring:

It will contrast nicely with the yellow birch cabinets and also work with my cherry furniture, if I don't manage to find a good deal on birch furniture while I'm there. I'm still debating about what paint colors to use; it will depend on what dining room set we end up using. It will probably be some variation of a yellow, but we may also use Chelsea Gray SW 2850, since all the cabinetry is yellow.

For the front bathroom, which has yellow tile with brown trim, and white fixtures, we are going to go with Manning Benchmark San Tropez Earthenware 3761:
The room has knotty pine wood panelling above the tile, so there is no painting required in that room.

For the master bathroom, which is mostly white with gray mottling, I'm going to use Armstrong Doylestown Pine/Cream 64605 Flooring.
The green medallion looks pretty washed out in this picture, it is actually a bit darker. (I've included a somewhat better picture.) I'm going to paint the wall over the tile wainscoting Cascade Green 0066 from Sherwin Williams.

And I'm going to recarpet the master bedroom in a dark pine green. I've been looking for a carpet with post-consumer recycled content, but I haven't been able to find any that have the dark color I want. So far, all of the recycled carpets are all pastels and mellow earth tones. I want dark! Something along the lines of Vogue Green 0065 from Sherwin Williams. And I'm going to paint the walls in the master bedroom Rose Tan SW 0069 (the darker of the two swatches). I'm going to paint the trim in Classic Sand SW 0056.

I'm still thinking about painting at least one wall in the living room with the color Orchid SW 0071. I'll probably paint the trim with Porcelain SW 0053. I'd like to find a decent used couch in something similar to Deep Maroon SW 0072.

And with all these great colors, I think the house will be bright enough! Now I just need to keep an eye out for a good couch. I'm not moving over my beige couches. They get dirty too easily and I just don't like beige....

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  1. While I'm sure you're not keen on getting beige carpet, you might have trouble finding other people who will like the green carpet. We moved into the Bellingham house which had blue-purple carpet in the master and green-teal carpet in the two smaller bedrooms. I hated it. For ten years. It didn't match anything we owned. While it will match *your* color pallette, it may not match a future buyer's, and could be a major turn-off.