Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dog Class and Kitchen Curtains Done

I finished the kitchen curtains today, finally. I'm not entirely happy with them (I should have made them a few inches longer), but they're much better than what was up there when we moved in. And then tonight Jeff hung them up for us.

I think it looks real nice with the sunlight shining through.

Tonight was the last night of Shasta's advanced beginning dog obedience class. Luckily, she did really well tonight and the instructors said she can pass onto the next level! I certainly had my doubts a few weeks ago. She still needs to work on "heel" but she did well on most of the other commands.

I still have a couple more house sewing projects, but I'm not in a rush to get them finished before I start school. I'm planning to make a new shower curtain and window valence for the guest bath. I've got enough curtain material left to make 6 placemats for the kitchen table. And I've got fabric to make triple pleat curtains for the living room, but we have to get the room cleaned up before I can deal with that project. I suspect it will happen once I'm in school, but it might not happen until winter break (mid-December), depending on how much homework I get.

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