Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Busy Weekend

There's nothing like a deadline (me starting work on Monday) to inspire motivation. Jeff and I got a lot done this weekend and we're still going strong.

Yesterday we spent much of the day working on a list we made in the morning; we got about half of it done. We were able to, finally, start getting my Dad's stuff out of the back of the garage and we continued to work on sifting our pile of stuff in the backyard (under our pop-up). We don't want to leave it all outside over the winter and the forecast calls for rain this week, so it will be good to get as much of that stuff inside. We're still waiting for my Dad to take his antique car away, but the most exposed stuff is under cover now. We have a bit more to deal with, but the bulk of the sifting will wait until my Dad takes away his car at the end of this month.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning, cooking and doing laundry.

This morning ended up being shopping day. We started at the bakery thrift in Sunnyvale and we bought a couple month's supply of breads and cakes. Then we dropped by Jeff's favorite produce shop in Cupertino and bought a bunch of organic fruit and funky imported foods.

Finally, on our way home, we made an unplanned visit to Fry's. Jeff ended up buying the rest of his home theater system. They had a conveniently packaged set of speakers and receiver and he decided it would be good enough for his needs. Of course, he still has the un-fun task of setting it all up (running wires and figuring out where to mount the speakers). Since buying the home theater wasn't on the weekend's list, and Jeff is spending his afternoon setting it all up, we probably won't make it through the rest of the list. But since he's wanted to do this for a while, it will be a relief to get this project done.

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