Thursday, May 26, 2011

Exterior Lighting

We had originally planned to order our exterior lighting from Rejuvenation, but our awesome electrician recommended a couple different companies which he said made high quality fixtures based on his experience installing them for earlier jobs: Minka Lighting and Arroyo Craftsman.

So Sharon cruised around the internet and looked for options made by those companies. A visit to their website convinced us Arroyo Craftsman was the right choice: "Each Arroyo Craftsman product is manufactured in our plant in Baldwin Park, California. Each Arroyo Craftsman fixture is handcrafted by American artisans."

Sharon chose the Mission line made by Arroyo Craftsman. They were relatively affordable (especially compared to the Rejuvenation options) and we could use standard screw-in CFL bulbs. We chose the raw copper finish (not the finishes shown in these pictures) with the Gold White Iridescent Glass. We ordered them from which says they're special order and will take 4-6 weeks for delivery. We'll report back on our success.

We are also eliminating our mailbox slot which leaks exterior cold/heat so we ordered a copper mailbox.

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