Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Timby's Dip & Strip

Sharon is writing this post to follow up her earlier post about Houck's Paint Stripping. Because of our dissatisfaction with the quality of Houck's work, we decided to try Timby's Dip 'n Strip. We are really glad we did.

Timby's did a much better job of cleaning out the crevices and the woodwork came back much closer to stain ready. There were very few spots where we'll have to sand or touch up the paint. We're including photos below if folks would like to see how the woodwork came back.

On a side note, with Timby's bring the doors in with the lock and hardware still installed and for an extra fee, I think $5, they remove them and clean them up too. We're really wishing we'd brought all the doors to Timby's.

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