Friday, September 23, 2011

Remodel Shopping

Besides watching too much Castle, the last couple of days have been spent putting together shopping lists.

First, plants: We need dozens of plants for our new rain gardens and the Audubon Society has a Native Plant Sale coming up in just over a week. We have been combing through the plant lists trying to match water tolerance with location in the rain gardens. We're also trying not to order too many plants because they add up pretty quickly. It's a fun challenge to try and lay out these planting diagrams.

Second, stains: Sharon ordered stains and shellac for the upstairs bedrooms. We're going to try and finish the woodwork upstairs with shellac; we're planning to make the shellac from dry flakes because it costs about half as much that way. Sharon found an affordable source in Oregon.

Third, paints: Today Sharon discovered Sherwin Williams is having a 40% off sale on their paint this weekend. So now seems like a good time to buy the paint for the upstairs bedrooms. Even with the discount, though, it's pretty astonishing how much 22 gallons of good quality paint and primer cost. ($660!)

Time to get going on projects again. Hopefully we'll be all supplied for a busy and productive winter.

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