Sunday, January 15, 2012

Quilt Block Preparation

After spending a couple frustrating hours stripping paint this morning, Sharon decided to take the afternoon off and do something fun. So she spent this cold, snowy afternoon preparing for sewing her historic quilt blocks.

She went into full organization-mode and printed out the rolling cutting directions and templates for all 43 blocks and organized them in a binder in plastic sheet protectors.

Then she went the further obsessive step and made a spreadsheet listing the blocks and their fabric cuts. Then she made a separate table for each fabric which listed the blocks which used particular size cuts. Each table looks like this:
She's planning to work from the widest cuts to the thinnest.  She's hoping by coming up with the list of blocks that use, for example, 2¾" navy/rust strips, that she'll be able to cut those pieces all at once and hopefully waste less fabric that way.

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