Friday, November 2, 2012

Plaster Finished

John finished up the walls today. Despite a few nit picks, I'm quite happy with the job he did. Once the walls are painted they'll look so much better! He says the plaster will look less blotchy after it's had a few days to dry.

Though, after John left, I noticed he left plaster dust and drips on the light fixture. And, in general, the bare wood wasn't left as clean this time around. I think the fact that Friday afternoon came around may have affected the amount of final clean up.

Last time, he did an excellent job leaving the wood clean in the guest bedroom. If I can't get the painters to help me take the shade off the light to wash it, I'll ask John to come back and help. There's no way I can get up there to clean it up.

We'll probably start staining on Sunday—maybe as late as Monday—depending on the weather. If we actually manage to have some sun this weekend, we'll start bringing stuff back from storage. We need a douglas fir salvage board to repair one of the doors.

I've lined up the painters for painting these hard-to-reach areas and the floor refinisher to wrap up the project. If the current schedule works out, this project should be done by the end of November.

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  1. Cool! Our House Wish List is getting long. Pressure washing siding, painting trim, replace a couple windows, hardwood floors, and if we can swing it, a laundry room addition.