Friday, February 1, 2013

Quick Progress

This quilt looked pretty complicated in the picture, but the individual hex "blocks" went together pretty quickly. I actually had fun. It was a bit like building a puzzle.

I went through and cut all the pieces at once.
Then I would lay out the individual hexes based on the instructions.
 Then I would slowly go through and build the pieces.
 You needed to build the pieces so you ended up with straight seam lines.
Last hex block finished!
I debated just sewing the thing together and being done, but I think I'll go ahead and try and make a new center block with all the points aligned properly . . . tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful! It looks so easy when you break it down into the small steps.

    1. It was surprisingly easy. Though, the layout directions were hard to decipher because they didn't use enough colors on the diagram. And I've since found a mistake in one of my hexes, so I'll rip it out and fix it before I sew the thing together.