Monday, June 1, 2015

Day 3 Progress

I guess sometimes insomnia is not so bad, as last night I went back to work on the paint stripping. I got started at 1AM. :D

Four hours later and I finished the first pass on all of the baseboard, but for a small section in the corner where we need to uninstall the electrical connections.
Jeff is hard at work on the picture rail
Yes, I plan to strip paint in the closet too. I sort of have to since I removed the closet door and don't plan to put it back. Once I finish more of the details around the room, I will go to work on the closet. (Ugh, I hate working in cramped spaces.)
The closet has been disassembled and I've heat stripped the bottom side of the shelf and it's ready for the chemical stripping. The topside won't strip with heat (maybe milk paint?). It's going to require chemicals and/or sanding to get off the finish.
My current goal is to finish this room by the end of June; I think we can do it.

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