Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Vegetable Garden

Over the weekend Jeff went off to the Master Gardener's Incredible Edibles sale and bought a few plants. We're doing a much smaller garden this year because we tended to be pretty unreliable about caring for them in earlier years. The chard and kale will also survive over the winter.

Jeff got them in the ground, but he didn't redig the whole garden so there are still a few herbs leftover from earlier years. It's kind of hard to see the new plants.
As usual, I'm just going to cut and paste the list into the post so I have a record (for next year):
Rainbow Chard, Kale, Lettuce (Merlot and Red Sails), Slicing Tomatoes (Early Girl, Black Zebra, Indigo Rose and Purple Bumblebe) and Basil.

We also picked up a squash plant for the backyard to help shade the dirt to help prevent weeds.

I also ordered a number of seeds for the front planting strip. I learned from my earlier lessons not to buy plants, but I have not been totally cured of online shopping. But now I start with the lists of 30 good companies at Dave's Garden and only shop at those. At least seeds are much cheaper if it doesn't go well.

I'm not sure if I should post the list of seeds as I receive them, or as I plant them. :)

We'll probably do the major planting in fall when we receive all the bulbs. Jeff is considering double digging and amending the soil before we plant everything.

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