Friday, February 25, 2022

Basement Wainscoting

Tim and Tony have made a lot of progress on the basement this week. I didn't get down for the painting photos because everything was masked up and I was trying to stay out of the way. But the plastic is down and the wood molding has started going up.

This is the closet door. Tragically, they had to cut about a foot off the bottom to get it to fit in the space.
They'll probably spend another week or so finishing everything, then I can get in there and stain.

Our rugs have all arrived. I opened one of the small ones and to be honest, they've exceeded my expectations. I was expecting a bit of a plastic feel, but they're soft and look pretty good. Even the back is nice, it looks much like a hand-woven rug. I guess we'll see how well they wear. For the cost, I don't have high expectations.


  1. Wow so impressed again. Love the rug. Beautiful

    1. Thanks. I'm a little surprised we sprung for the wainscoting, but it makes the space so much nicer.