Thursday, April 16, 2009

Drywall Demo Begins...and Ends

This afternoon we're planning to go out and see if we can get the drywall removed from the walls in the master bedroom. With any luck, we'll be able to get that all off today and then we can get it cleaned up tomorrow and Saturday during the Estate Sale.

I'm going through our schedule again. I'm still worried that we're setting the May 26 move-in date too soon. I guess we'll see. If we can get everything painted pretty quickly, we should be fine.

I'm trying to figure out a way we can go down to Southern California and get that furniture I found yesterday. A visit to Jeff's parents is way overdue, but given our current tight schedule I'm not sure I can see how to do it, not without infringing on Jeff's work hours. Hopefully it will still be for sale in a couple of weeks and by then we should know how quickly the painting will go.

I already received my purple heart earring rack! Wow, they were fast. It's actually a bit bigger than I would like, but I was going by their earring count at the website. They clearly don't expect you not to pack them in as tight as we do. This rack is almost twice as big as I really need. I only have 41 pairs of earrings and they're mostly small ones on earwires. Oh well, I should have known better since I already have one. I do like the purple heart wood and am looking forward to hanging it up in Redwood City.

We're getting another quote today for hanging the drywall and also for trimming out the master bedroom. We discovered our neighbor from our last rental (on Dumas) who we've kept in touch with does that kind of work and he's out of work right now. I always enjoy helping out friends who need work. This will also help us out as we won't have to deal with the trim during our limited number of weekend hours; we'll be able to just come in and paint.


Jeff finished all the demo. He did a great job getting all the sheetrock off the walls and now all we have to do is clean up and dispose of the debris.

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  1. Hey there! Demolition is so much the sense that you're destroying stuff and getting out all your aggressions. Good luck with the estate sale! I know someone who needed boxes for moving and got a ton of them on Craigslist for free.