Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Packing AGAIN!

This is the third move in just over four years when we move next month. Ugh. I absolutely hate moving and wish we could stop. Though, I know that this next house is still only a temporary resting place while we let the economy sort itself out and we can figure out if it is safe to take off on that much-relished Year Long trip of ours or whether we're stuck in the daily grind indefinitely.

Today I finally started packing up my sewing room. There's so much stuff crammed into such a small room that I've already used up the boxes I have leftover from the last move (we got rid of most of the boxes to make space in the garage) and I'll have to take a load over before I can pack up some more. I'll just use the boxes over and over while we continue to go over and fix up that end.

I'm planning to hire movers to move the bulk of our stuff/furniture on May 26. I don't try to round up enough friends and family to move all our stuff anymore. Usually it's only about $1000 to hire a crew of several burly hispanics and they get everything moved and in place in just a few hours. Okay it's more expensive, but so much easier for us. We know we'll have enough help and we don't end up feeling like we abused our relationships.

Anyway, that will leave us a couple of days to get the Cupertino house cleaned and ready to turn over to the landlord. I'm hopeful we'll be able to keep on this schedule.

The estate sale is this Friday and Saturday; afterwards Jeff and I will have to step up our efforts to get through our list. This week we're sort of in a holding pattern while we wait for the Estate Sale to happen and the stuff to go away. So, I'm trying to get started on the packing on this end. But I don't really want to pack too much. We're still living here for a month and a half, so I'm trying to start with stuff we won't miss in the meantime.

One bright side of moving so many times is that every time we move we get rid of more stuff. Maybe by the time we buy another house we'll be able to buy a smaller one. =)

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