Friday, April 24, 2009

Insulation Nearly Done

Today Jeff and I nearly finished hanging the insulation in the master bedroom. Jeff mostly stapled the paper in place and I did the cutting around the 2x4s and electrical boxes. Some of the walls had some weird diagonal bracing that it was hard to work around, but I think we did OK for our first time ever hanging insulation. We didn't quite finish the room because there is still a couple of wires to run. Tomorrow we plan to fill in all the small and odd shaped spaces we didn't finish today.

Jeff also washed down the master bathroom with TSP and bleach. The existing paint is in very poor condition and it is going to need more prep than I had realized. We're going to have to do some scraping, because it has started to peel around the light. And there are some large cracks at the edge between the walls and ceiling. I don't know if we're going to have these repaired by our sheetrock guy; it probably depends on how quickly the other work goes.

Shasta was quite the character today. At one point we secured her to a dog stake in the backyard (so she could see us through the window) and she was so desperate to be with us that she actually climbed the ladder to get in through the window! We tried to get her to do it again while we were watching, but we failed. She did go through the window a second time later in the day, but she was so quick I couldn't get the camera out and ready in time.

We bought Shasta a ton of stuff today. I found someone who was selling lightly used dogs toys (she had bought them for her infant) for $10 for half a grocery bag full. That was a deal. But we also found a new (to us) pet supply in Redwood City and that trip was considerably more expensive! Among the cool items scored was a Kevlar frisbee.

We'll be going out to Redwood City again tomorrow to continue working on the insulation and to help my Dad run the rest of the wiring (putting in Coax and Cat-5). We may take Sunday off if we can spare the time off, but we may go out and work on preparing the master bath for painting if we can handle another day in a row of work. Drywall installation begins on Monday.

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  1. Hey there! Looking good on the progress! I think the X bracing is a California code for earthquake stabilization. I seem to remember a builder telling me that about 15 years ago. Ithra is going poorly this weekend. 12 classes for a piggy back session and I have had only 10 students sign up. But the weather is COOOOOOOLD!! At least we didn't have to pay for a site or biffies or anything. Take care!