Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shopping Day

I got started this morning at 10AM and spent the day until about 3PM shopping. I had a fairly long list of things to do. I started by buying a peach tree from someone close-by on craigslist then I headed over to the Whole House Building Supply, a neat salvage place in Palo Alto. I was hoping to find a 50's style ceiling light fixture and maybe some salvaged wood trim for the bedroom, but I didn't find any.

Then I headed off to Sherwin Williams in Redwood City and bought about 12 gallons of paint and primer. I didn't buy the paint for the kitchen yet because I'm still not sure what color we're using. We're planning to paint samples on the wall in the colors from the other rooms to see if any look good in the kitchen.

After Sherwin Williams I headed off to OK Lumber in San Carlos. From them, I bought nice quality pre-primed 1x4s to trim out the master bedroom and also the drywall we need. I really appreciated it when they threw in delivery for no extra charge.

Finally, I headed to Sears in San Mateo to see about ordering the appliances. That didn't go as well as I hoped. First, they didn't have any of the models I was interested in, so I couldn't actually see any of them. Second, the help they had working in the store didn't seem to know anything about any of the appliances. It seemed like they just had clerks working in the department who really couldn't give you any advice or feedback about the different brands. I was so irritated I just walked out without ordering anything; I think I'll try another store.

Jeff has tomorrow off of work (Apple is moving his office to another building) so we're both going out to Redwood City to work on the master bedroom. We have a fairly long list of tasks to work on, but our main objective is to insulate the master bedroom. We're also hoping to get started on prep-ing the master bathroom for painting over the weekend.

Tomorrow the HVAC team gets started on the new furnace and AC unit. On Monday, Brian, our friend who does construction work, is going to start hanging the drywall. I've scheduled the vinyl installation for May 9, so we need to have the master bath and kitchen painted by then. We've got a very full schedule for the next two weeks.

On the puppy front, Shasta is making us a little crazy tonight; she's being very licky and bitey. It's a good thing she's so cute.She's been practicing all week now and is getting quite good at catching the frisbee in mid-air. We're going to have to find some better way to film her doing it.

I've already sold the oak bookcase I listed on craigslist yesterday. And all the free stuff is gone too. Now I need to get some more furniture emptied and ready to list.

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