Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Packing and Selling Furniture

Well, I've finally gotten past my inertia and have started packing. We had a pile of flattened boxes in the attic of the garage and Jeff took it down so I could get to it. I'm slowly working towards emptying out and packing up furniture that is NOT going with us. I need to get started on finding homes for this furniture that is not moving with us. I'm also expecting I'll fill the paper recycling several times during this move. It is amazing how the paper just seems to pile up.

I'm stuck at home waiting for our moving box delivery; I went ahead and ordered the boxes. I just don't have the time to run around and gather used boxes. I wish they'd show up so I can go buy paint today, but I need to be here when they arrive.

This morning's progress:

Update at 5PM:

FINALLY got the boxes; we were last on the route. Figures, I waited all day and didn't get out to buy the paint. I may have ordered too many. Looks like a lot, but we've got a big house crammed full. I guess we'll see.

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