Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fiddly Details

Paint stripping seems to be one of those activities where you are never really done. You can spend a staggering amount of time trying to clean up paint out of all the crevices, but eventually you have to just declare it "good enough" and move on. I spent a few more hours the last couple of days cleaning paint out of crevices on the crown mouldings and door jambs with dental tools, despite my declaration last time that we were done. Seems like I do this every time.

I also finished stripping paint off the window in the closet. Now we really are at the point where we can fill holes and start sanding. Really, for sure this time. LOL

Jeff has been working with his friend, Eric, everyday this week. He usually is the one who does projects like filling holes in the woodwork, so I guess I need to go dig around and find the wood filler. I really want to keep this project moving along. Sanding, here we come!!

Over the weekend, alas, we got a distracted with our video game again. I never seem to be able to do real life house projects on the weekends anymore. Instead, Jeff and I basically "cleaned house" in ArcheAge and dealt with getting rid of "stuff". We had land and a house and lots of chests that were full. We were sort of pack rats and we're now trying to clean house, so to speak, so we can close out this chapter of our lives. It is possible we will go back and play some more ArcheAge in the fall, once our summer projects are finished, so we're trying to get our character's affairs in order for a long, possibly permanent, break in the game.
Family House in ArcheAge

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