Thursday, June 18, 2015

Oh, the Dust!!!

Ugh, sanding the woodwork sort of sucks. If we were doing more than one room, we would definitely have to figure out dust collection. I can only sand for about 40 minutes before I have to take a break and let the dust settle.

If I really applied myself, I could have finished today, but ugh, the dust. I couldn't stand that many hours in that room. I'm hoping Jeff and I will finish sanding by Friday night, then we can feel good about goofing off all weekend. :D

Today I finished sanding the closet with 80-grit and 100-grit. The wood had more paint embedded in the grain so I started with the rougher grit. I won't bother to use 80-grit in the rest of the bedroom. I also finished sanding the baseboard with 100-grit. I still have the windows and the entry doorway.

After I finish with the 100-grit, I think I'll go back over it quickly with 150-grit. I'm not sure that I'll bother with a finer grit than 150. I guess it will probably depend on how tired I am. LOL

Again, it's not really worth posting pictures. It still looks pretty much the same as earlier photos. I may try to sweep up the dust tomorrow and take some pictures before I get started sanding again.

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