Friday, January 1, 2010

Safe Trip Home

As expected, due to the snow, we didn't get off back to California until Thursday morning. We set off at 5:19AM.

We had a lot of rain until we got down to Southern Oregon then we had fog. We reached the pass at around noon and while there was snow on the sides of the road, it was mostly clear with some rain and we did not require chains. Yah! We finally arrived back in Redwood City at around 5:40PM.

Our Shasta baby was a wonderful traveller.

Since it was New Years Eve, we ended up going to my brother's house last night for dinner and a movie. We had a very long day.

Luckily, this morning we got to sleep in. Today, we've spent the day recovering from our trip. I've done laundry and cleaning, etc. and we're looking forward to a productive weekend. We're planning to move all the excess boxes sitting around the house into the garage. Maybe we'll finally be able to get this place cleaned up and be able to host guests. That would be nice!

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