Thursday, June 22, 2017

Roofing Installed

And they finally finished installing the shingles!
Some of the shingles appear tannish in color; that is because they have been sitting around unpackaged in our basement for around five years and they are dusty. They were leftover from our house reroofing. That discoloration will hopefully wash off in the next rain.

Our weather bounced up from the 60s to 70s last week to the 90s this week. Ugh. I had planned to have a garage sale this Saturday, but I cannot do it when it's that hot. I am barely functional when it gets over 85℉. You'll find me hiding out in the basement, hopefully sifting boxes for a later garage sale rather than playing Elder Scrolls.

Update: Here is where they stopped at the end of the day.
Allegedly, they are also planning to work on it tomorrow morning until it gets too hot.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Excavating the Basement

Ever since moving out of the storage back in 2014 our basement has been stuffed full and unusable.
Basement disaster we're trying to clean up
This is the mostly before photo
This summer we are finally trying to deal with the mess. Primarily, we need to sift boxes and get rid of stuff, but there is so much to deal with, it's quite overwhelming to even get started. The space in our front storage was used pretty inefficiently. We did some measuring and realized we could add several more racks so I ordered another five 4' racks.

We're still in the process of building shelves and shuffling boxes and tubs into the racks, but it's already getting better.
We are hoping to spend the summer shifting boxes into these shelves from other areas of the house and then start sifting them for what we need to get rid of. I'm hoping we have the energy to have a number of garage sales through the summer and then just donate what is left when it doesn't sell.

I'll share some more photos in a few days when we finally get the rest of the shelves built and get them filled up.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Not Much Progress

The last time Erik was out to work on our shed was Jun 2, but here it is Jun 18 and only half the roofing has been installed. In fairness, we had a bunch of rain last week and he, understandably, doesn't want to work on ladders when it's wet out. I assume he has some other more important job, but I'm not thrilled about having the tar paper getting rained on.
Aaron has been out a couple of times to help hang the plywood on the walls, but his bicycle business has gotten really busy this year so he hasn't been available much this spring.
On the bright side, with all this rain, our transplanted ferns are delighted.
And some of the new bleeding hearts from Breck's are looking like they'll make it. We probably won't see flowers until next year, but I'm glad they'll get established this year.