Thursday, June 22, 2017

Roofing Installed

And they finally finished installing the shingles!
Some of the shingles appear tannish in color; that is because they have been sitting around unpackaged in our basement for around five years and they are dusty. They were leftover from our house reroofing. That discoloration will hopefully wash off in the next rain.

Our weather bounced up from the 60s to 70s last week to the 90s this week. Ugh. I had planned to have a garage sale this Saturday, but I cannot do it when it's that hot. I am barely functional when it gets over 85℉. You'll find me hiding out in the basement, hopefully sifting boxes for a later garage sale rather than playing Elder Scrolls.

Update: Here is where they stopped at the end of the day.
Allegedly, they are also planning to work on it tomorrow morning until it gets too hot.


  1. How cool. What is the white roof or whatever it is (in the middle photo). Need a bigger view, if possible.