Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Basement Progress

Tim got started on our little basement project on Monday. He and his helper spent the first day cleaning out the space. They took a huge load of scrap to the dumps and vacuumed all the dust and grime for the painting.

We were a little surprised about how he finished the floor. Apparently, Jeff asked for a deck. I would have asked for a floor, but we got a deck. LOL

Tim finished putting down plywood subfloor today and then this evening he primed the walls. That white really brightened up the space.

We think Tim is going to come back after the holiday and do some more painting and then he's going to lay rubber mats on the floor.

Jeff and I have spent a little bit of time trying to figure out which exercise bike to buy. And, if there's space, he may get one of those mini-gyms. The planning continues.

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Basement Storage Clear Out

Well, we decided to do one last remodel. This one is more of a spruce up than an actual remodel. 

We have this funky basement storage area in the front portion of our basement.

This space is not original to this house. This is a space that Mr. Leonard (the 2nd owner of the house) actually dug out and finished to store the massive amount of sawdust/wood chips they needed for the house boiler. The front stairs were originally wood and they would simply remove the tread and blow in the wood chips. We were told stories by the Leonard kids of their memory of digging tunnels and playing around in the pile of sawdust/chips. 

We have found this space handy for storing stuff that we should probably get rid of, like wedding momentos and old records.

Anyway, before we remodeled the rest of the basement, we had a little workout area.

After the remodel, we filled this space with the master bedroom furniture and we never set up any dedicated space for working out. But we've been putting weight back on, and we've finally gotten motivated to set up a new workout space. Really, the only space we have left is in this front storage area.

Here is how the space looks tonight. We've been shifting some of our long-term storage (stuff we don't expect to touch again until we move) into the attic. We've also got a growing pile of stuff that we'll toss or donate, as appropriate. Tomorrow we have movers coming and they'll schlep the rest of the stuff to temporary storage.

Tim Austin thinks he'll have time next week to help us spruce up the space. We're going to paint everything a light color, probably Hubbard Squash because we have nearly 5 gallons of it. And he's going to help us cover the floor. He'll probably put down more of the DRICORE Subfloor Tiles, then we're going to put some sort of rubber exercise mat over the top. We have a couple of lights leftover from our earlier basement remodel and we hope to hang those at well. 

We may have to hire an electrician to install some power outlets. It's likely we'll need a place to plug in an exercise bike.

I'll post updates as we have them.