Monday, May 21, 2018

Considering a Move

Jeff and I love our beautifully restored home. We do not, however, love Portland anymore. I wish we could pick up our house and put it someplace else, but that's not possible. Ever since our last property tax bill, we've been contemplating a move.

This week we've started poking around property listings in a few different cities. We're still pretty casual in our efforts. We don't know if or when we'll move, but we've started exploring our options.

On Saturday, we drove down and visited Sandy, Oregon. It's a small town not far outside of Portland. It was a nice little town with some cute Western-themed facades along their main business route. I wish I'd remembered to bring a camera. Here are a couple of photos I swiped from a google search.
We looked at one teardown house. The lot would be perfect to build on, but the owners want way too much money for the disgusting little shack.  We liked Sandy, but I'm not sure if we can deal with 80-inches of rain a year. LOL

We're also planning to look at Springfield and Prineville, Oregon.

If we find the right house, or the right lot to build on, we might just make the jump.

Monday, May 7, 2018

2nd Lap Quilt Finished

And now the other lap quilt is done. It took about two hours from start to finish to cut out and sew on the binding. I doubt I'll hand sew another binding now that I've learned this process.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Lap Quilt Finished

Denise and I picked up the finished quilts earlier this week. We were quite happy with how the quilter finished them. Today, I finally got around to finishing the binding on the tool lap quilt.
I spent a few hours earlier this week watching videos about how to properly sew on machine bindings with all machine sewing, and now that I've successfully done it, I'm a fan. (The secret I was missing is start by sewing the binding on the backside then fold it forward and sew it down along the edge. It's very tidy.) I doubt I'll hand-sew too many more bindings.

It's quilted with a fun repeating tool pattern:
I've still got to add the binding to Jeff's space quilt.

I also dropped off my father's train lap quilt. It should be finished in a week or two.