Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Finally...Roman Shades

We had wonderful rainy weather today, so painting was definitely off the task list. Instead, we turned our attention to indoor tasks.

We finally got the Roman shades hung!! Alleluia!
I was surprised by how crooked that fabric was and I didn't do a good job getting the measurements exactly right. The shades are all about ¼-inch too narrow for the windows. I'm definitely not loving them, but they'll do for now. At least with the cooler weather, the upstairs is habitable again and we're hoping to sleep in this bedroom tonight.

I also managed to work my way mostly through ironing my William Morris fabric binge. (Just one big piece left!) I definitely have to stop buying fabric; I'm sick of ironing it. Time to sew some of it!

Tonight I'm starting to scheme my next set of window coverings. Probably the upstairs bathroom. The curtains up there are really hideous—yellow with pastel polka dots. Uck!

Yesterday, I ordered Jeff's and my textbooks. School starts soon and I've found it is much cheaper to buy the books from online websites (Amazon & Overstock) rather than in the campus bookstore. I know I saved over $100 on my three books! Though, I am still appalled by how expensive the books are. Honestly, is the latest edition, which is selling for $120, so much different from the edition two years ago that is now selling for $15? I was sorely tempted to order the old edition and call it good enough, but I wasn't sure if there would be homework assigned out of the book. In the past, at my old colleges, it rarely was.

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  1. Maybe you could order the old book and compare them side by side. If they're largely the same, you could send the new one back. :)