Monday, October 18, 2010

Our First Eggs!!

We finally got our first chicken eggs today! Two!

Not really sure which chicken(s) laid them, because we didn't see it happening, but I suspect it was Anya (the gold-headed chicken) because she has been acting very peculiar the last several days (i.e. walking up to us, hanging out alone, etc.). Though, the eggs look identical with a slight green cast, and were laid just a couple feet apart, so I wonder if Anya laid both of them or if maybe Willow and Anya both laid one. (Willow is the other mottled black chicken. Buffy is the gold chicken.)


  1. Yey! A very small omelette! And just before the days get shorter and the layings will be fewer.

  2. Blue ones are from your Americana. The other two will almost certainly have brown eggs :)