Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Paint Stripping Again

Sharon finally started paint stripping in the master bedroom again!

It turns out the key to getting going again is—audiobooks! She only allows herself to listen to the books when she is working upstairs either stripping paint or sewing. (She's been working on the quilt too, but that's another post.)

We thought the master bedroom was basically done, but then Sharon went all perfectionist and decided to be more thorough about removing all the bits of paint in the nooks and crannies (and wood grain). It also seems like someone filled all the little nail holes in the woodwork with something hard and white—maybe spackle or joint compound. Sharon's been trying to dig all those lumps of hard goop out so we can refill the holes with a stainable wood filler.

The progress is slow. There really isn't much to show in pictures; it looks little different than before. But if we're going to do this right, it's better to do it before we start applying stain.

Sharon's slowly working her way around the room trying to clean the woodwork to the point of being ready for stain. It is so nice to get this project moving along again.

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