Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tired of Paint Stripping

We've made some progress on paint stripping this weekend, but I've realized I've lost my enthusiasm for this project; I just want it done.

Jeff worked several hours stripping paint from the picture rail. It's tedious and takes quite a while because of all those different curves. Thank you Jeff!

I started stripping the paint on the door jamb with the heat gun, but the smoke alarm kept going off. We simply must uninstall that thing or we're going to have to kill it! So I switched to cleaning up the wood around the window with the chemicals (KleanStrip).

I also did some exploratory stripping of a drawer in the linen cabinet built-in. It was interesting to find the interior of the drawer was stained with a semi-transparent green/olive stain. I think this was the original finish in the dining room (in 1912), at least that's what I think was at the bottom of all those layers. I'm now wondering if the bedrooms also started out with this same finish.

The large entry doors take 4 days to strip by hand, so I'm thinking about taking in the last one to be dipped. I haven't decided... I may not because this door only needs to be stain-ready on one side and I'd be paying to have both sides cleaned when it's not necessary. But I am getting so tired of this project.

I'm also thinking I'll take in the bathroom door and the doors of the linen cabinet to be dipped. I'm ready to finish this stripping and staining project and get the floors refinished and move back into the upstairs. We're approaching a year for this upstairs refinish project; it's way past time we finished it.

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