Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Next Quilt

All this quilting energy I've had going has infected Jeff and he started designing another quilt. This is going to be a similar size to the long skinny one I just made, about 40"x80". I'm sure there's some math involved, but Jeff will have to post about that.

This one might be a bit more complicated to assemble. There might be some Y-seams involved, though I think I can work it out so it will all be strip pieced. We went digging through my stash fabric for this project today. (We obviously have a green-yellow-purple theme going.)
The outer purple portion is going to be that wild print fabric underneath the stacks. I bought that fabric for a square dance outfit I just had to make back in 2005; I guess I didn't need it that much. We're going to give this funky fabric a try for this project because it matches so well.

I tacked up the hex quilt today and it's ready for quilting.
Though, to practice, I've decided to try quilting the little pillow panel I made last year. So, now I've tacked that up too. Since this will all be assembled into a pillow, I just grabbed a misc large scrap from my bin for the backing.
Hopefully I'll find the motivation to start this tomorrow.


  1. Wow, that looks like an ambitious project. Love that purple print!

  2. These quilt designs are so different from your house, it surprises me. I like eclectic. I didn't think YOU did. Very cool.

    1. Well, having married a PhD in MATH, this is one of the compromises I need to make. =)