Friday, March 18, 2016

Yard Clean Up Progress

Our yard has been an embarrassing mess for years. When we bought this house, the dirt was so full of plants and flowers, we had a hard time figuring out where to plant some irises a friend gave us. But the prolonged house remodeling/re-siding/painting and garage demo and construction, pretty much wiped many of the plants out. And the projects tended to leave behind piles of construction debris. The chickens didn't help either.

Well, this year on sunny days, Jeff, and his friend Aaron, are tackling our yard projects again.
After the guys dug down a few more inches under the pergola, they dumped in a large gravel/dirt pile that our garage rebuild contractor left in our driveway. We still need to purchase good gravel to put over this to finish the underlayment for the floor.
They hauled over all the piles of salvaged brick from the front and side of the house. We're planning to use these in the floor of the pergola.
The chicken tractor is gone and the stacks of wood we had in our driveway have been deposited in the back of the yard. We're hoping to use as much of this wood in the chicken coop construction as we can.
The chicken tractor has been given to Aaron's friend
The rabbit hutch has been pressure washed and listed on craigslist.
The bamboo root balls were too heavy to dispose of in the yard waste bin. Jeff actually had to pressure wash them to get the dirt out. It made a huge mess (including our neighbor's car -- oops). Once we get some thick black plastic, we are going to lay it down in this hole and then refill it with dirt dug out of the pergola floor. Ultimately, Jeff is planning to keep the compost bins in this area, at least for now while we continue to battle bamboo shoots.
Jeff was pretty filthy and exhausted after working in the yard all day yesterday, but I'm grateful he did it. It's starting to look much better back there.


  1. It is so nice to see that someone else also has a pile of bricks in their back yard. We were promised a week of 60 degree weather but today barely got to 42 and tomorrow is forecassted to be colder. Our spring clean up will have to wait.

    1. Yeah, our yard has been a mess for years now. I'm so hoping we get thru the bulk of our yard projects this year so we can get rid of this construction salvage stuff. Our weather is heading back to rain, so it will be a while before they get the next day of work done.