Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Busy Week

Jeff and I have finally given up our distracting computer games and we're making good progress on our projects again. This week we've finished prepping all the furniture for painting/staining.

Jeff pressure washed the wicker furniture a few days ago and it's drying comfortably on our newly-cleaned front porch.
And we ended up disassembling the redwood picnic table set so we could sand, repair, and stain all the sides of the pieces.
I'd gotten set up to start staining today, but when I opened the can of stain, I discovered they'd forgotten to tint it at the store.

Aaron came again today and helped Jeff in the yard. I had bought another couple trays of clearance plants from Santa Rosa Gardens to just do some general filling in in the back of the yard, especially under the red oak tree.
Jeff and Aaron planted them all, then we got an unexpected—and most welcome—load of tree mulch when our neighbor had their huge maple tree trimmed this morning. So the guys spent the rest of the afternoon emptying the driveway of the large pile.

In a day or two, when the threat of rain has passed, I think we'll jury rig up some plastic walls on the pergola and use that as our painting area. That should prevent most of the floating paint from adhering to the garage.


  1. Very productive! What a blessing when neighbors have trees trimmed and donate to your garden!

    1. Yeah, right. We were delighted by the opportunity. Plus, we were able to feed a few more large branches into their chipper. Double win!

  2. Can you please mention the name of the plant you have planted under the oak tree?