Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Interlock Roof Finally Started

Dealing with Interlock Roofing has been a bit ridiculous. We actually ordered the new roof late last summer and they told us they probably wouldn't get to our project until spring. They don't install roofs during rainy weather. Yeah, okay, I understood that. 

They finally called us in early May and said they were planning to put on our roof sometime in May or June. We had a discussion about the tongue & groove I said I would be providing, and I ordered it that week and it was delivered two days later and I told them it was here, waiting for them. And then it sat. 

There was no communication of any sort until June 28 (the Wednesday before the 4th of July). We were told they would probably be starting the next afternoon (Thursday) but if not then, they would certainly start on the Friday before the holiday weekend. Yeah, they didn't start then either. Again, no communication revising the start date. Finally, I called on late Friday afternoon and was told the crew showed up and decided not to start before the holiday. I was given the impression they just delayed the project until after the holiday and would start the first day after.

Well, no, not that either. Finally, last week⏤on July 11⏤they showed up unannounced at our door and said they wanted to deliver materials. That was the second day of the fence install. LOL They loaded up the driveway in front of the garage.

Again, you would think their start was imminent. But no. Finally, on Friday I called the company again. I told him how unimpressed I was with their communication. He promised they would start on Monday.

Well, Monday afternoon someone did show up; I think the project foreman. We reviewed the project with him and he figured out the additional supplies he would need and left again. Today, finally they started tear off. 

Since I don't have a drone, I can't post progress photos. They removed the shingles from the backside of the house and they laid new tongue & groove over our little back patio. I didn't take a before photo, it used to be a big plywood patch where the old chimney used to be and a mish mash of various sizes of tongue and groove; presumably whatever the prior owner had lying around. This looks much better.

We had an appointment to have the new gutters installed tomorrow. Yeah, I had to delay that one. 

Update, they sent me some photos:

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