Friday, May 15, 2009

Exterior Painting Started

Well, today was a busy day out at the Redwood City house. The carpet was installed in the master bedroom and hallway. The exterior paint job prep has begun. And the termite/dry rot repair is in progress, presumably.

The carpet isn't quite the color it looks in the small piece; funny how that happens when you shine real sun on it. Looks like a different color in artificial light. Here is the install, in progress. I didn't stay until the carpet guy was finished as I still needed to drive to Santa Cruz to drop Shasta off at the boarding place; I hope she has a good time. I already miss her.

The painters also got started on scraping and pressure washing the house. It will probably take them several days to get the house ready for painting. They'll probably be done, though, by the time we move in on May 26.

I didn't see the work progressing for the termite repair as the guy hadn't arrived yet by the time I left at 11AM. Perhaps he wasn't supposed to start today, as I had thought.

I went to Kelly Moore Paint and picked out some more historical paint colors for the exterior. If my Dad and Aunt approve, we are going to paint it this pallet:

I have spent my afternoon wrapping and packing up pictures from around the house. Many of them will now be going to storage, but hopefully we'll have enough wall space to hang at least a few.

I just heard from the landlord today that she is planning to move back into this house when we depart. I guess she got her financial morass worked out during the last two years (she had invested in California real estate and gotten in over her head). The upside of this is that we won't be forced to have potential renters tour the property while we're still packing. The downside is that she may be extra picky about the condition of the house when we turn it over. It probably needs a paint job, but that should be covered in wear and tear. I guess we'll see. =)

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