Saturday, December 11, 2010

Download Craftsman Magazine

I was really excited last night to run across a website where I could download many issues of The Craftsman magazine. I have spent several hours downloading the issues and now I'm browsing through them while I take a movie break this evening.

I wanted to share the link for those who are interested: Internet Archive. Just type "The Craftsman" in the search box and click Go!

I also found a Batchelder tile catalog and a Sears catalog from 1912. Very exciting!

I'm thinking I may spend some time taking the images I like out of the magazine and post them when I have time. Especially if they'll help for our remodel planning.

Alternately, you can look at "The Craftsman" magazine at this University of Wisconsin Digital Collections site. The quality of the scans is a little bit better, but it's a lot more difficult to grab images for personal use.

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