Saturday, July 9, 2011

Windows Almost Done

After another 2 to 3 hours of work, the windows in the master bedroom are almost finished!The crown moulding was the most difficult, but again the wire brush came to the rescue. Sharon generously applied the chemical stripper, let it set, then removed as much paint as she could with profile strippers, then she used the wire brush to get the last remaining paint out of the rest of the grooves. Then she finished it up with the scrubbing pad. It took a couple of applications of the stripper to get all the paint off. The one downside of using the wire brush is the lumps of goo (chemical stripper and paint) which fall all over Sharon's chest and arms and quickly start burning if not wiped off; maybe she'll wear long sleeves next time. =)

There's still some detail work around the edges and a bit of the sill left, but this set of windows is almost complete.

Jeff got started heat stripping the closet doorway today. The room has a total of three doorways so we still have a ways to go.
Jeff and Sharon have to go off this afternoon to a memorial for a fellow SCA member who died recently. So, this is probably as much work as we will get done today. While we're out, we're going to stop and do some errands. We want to pick up some detail sanders and perhaps a portable scaffold (or at least better ladder technology).

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