Monday, October 31, 2011

Living Room Ordered

Well, we made all the decisions for the living room. Everything is ordered and due in about a month. Now we just have to wait....

We ordered two loveseats and one cube chair.

Sharon agonized about the fabric some more. The lighter fabric really matches the different colors in the room and has a nice William Morris-feel to its design; it even has a pomegranate. It is also cheaper than the purple and available at our local fabric store. Seemed like the right decision...
Then Sharon found this rug at It was less than $200, rather than the $1300 of the purple Lasenby rug. Seemed like a no-brainer.Sharon also ordered a bird cage this afternoon. We had the smaller "Designer Aviary" like this one in our last house, and we really liked it. The craftsmanship was excellent and it held up well against bird chewing. (They can't reach the wood from the inside.) We ordered the large classic oak bird cage with the cabinet.

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  1. I love the fabric you chose! Beautiful :) I also love your birdcage. What type of bird do you have? I grew up with cockatoos and macaws.