Monday, October 22, 2012

Moving Rain Garden

Just before the rains returned, Jeff worked hard getting ready—Digging and installing drainage pipes to redirect the rain from the gutters into the backyard rain garden.
He had to move the backyard rain garden over about 10 feet. I feel so bad . . . because it's primarily my fault. I had originally expected the pergola and patio to be next to the house, but when we moved it in the plan next to the garage it rejiggered everything else. And the rain garden is now in the wrong spot . . . Poor Jeff. He's such a good sport.
The chickens enjoyed all the disturbed soil to hunt in.
Jeff built a medieval style A-frame level
He did the digging and finished the project just in time for the massive rain we had this past week. It's been really coming down.

Once we finish some of our interior projects, Jeff will work on moving the rest of the plants over from the old rain garden area. I'm resisting the temptation to order a bunch more plants. We need to get more of the yard prepared before we bring in more plants. It's pretty obvious next year is when we'll get to the backyard landscaping.

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