Saturday, April 2, 2016

Backyard Progress

We've really enjoyed this great weather. Jeff and his friend Aaron have continued to work on the yard, cleaning it up. It's been a really long time since we could drive down our driveway all the way to the garage.

Here are the planting beds under the walnut tree.
Planting bed Before
How it looks today. We've relocated the compost bins here and we do plan to add some plants that will tolerate the black walnut.
This is the closest thing I have to a before picture of the area in front of the fence.
The guys cleaned up the pile of gravel then screened the soil to remove the rocks then put down hay to keep the soil moist. We've been transplanting volunteer ferns over here. Tragically, our bleeding heart is done for the season as its main branch was damaged and it wilted. It should return next year. Jeff is happy to have this rain garden back in operation.
Aaron went and picked up 2 yards of gravel for us for the patio and a French drain project. The patio is almost ready for sand.
I didn't take pictures of the side yard yet, but to combat our basement leakage problem, the guys are planning to install a French drain along that side of the house. There are a bunch of ferns to be transplanted and a large shrub that will have to be removed. We have a yard of gravel staged and ready to start that project later this week if the weather holds.
Bailey is getting to be a big girl


  1. I so want to get busy in my yard but it snowed yesterday and it's raining right now. And now there is a winter snow warning one county over. You have me wanting a fern garden now. This past Friday my sister and I went to a concrete lawn ornament business that was going out of business and I purchased a life size laying down peacock. I think it would look great in a bed of small to medium height hostas intermingled with ferns.

    1. I look forward to seeing a picture of that peacock. :)