Monday, April 11, 2016

Mott's 1914 Plumbing Catalog

Mott's Iron Works Modern Plumbing catalog from 1914. They had some pretty nice tile designs in this catalog.

Bathroom mirrors
I had to include this just because it was weird. LOL


  1. Toilet, bidet, bath tub....but what is the 4th fixture?

    1. Honestly, no clue. Baby bathtub? LOL

    2. The two I see with that combination of fixtures, such as the 1116-A "Pierpont", includes a toilet, bidet, bathtub, sink, and sitz bath. Anything that is designed with a higher, curved back against the wall like that, and controls along the side, is intended to be sat in, to soak one's "nether regions", for the purposes of helping to relieve postpartum soreness, or to help alleviate hemorrhoids while soaking in some medicated or herbal concoction, (which of course could afflict both genders), etc. The original ones were sitting directly on the floor, which always made me wonder exactly how difficult they were to get in and out of! At least without getting a lot of help from a maid, or very understanding husband! Not sure about the men who decided to make use of them? Surely no housemaid was called upon to help pull him up out of the tub!

  2. Replies
    1. Possibly. That was another suggestion I almost made.