Friday, November 4, 2016

Shower Door

When the glass installers came out last week to put in the glass, they told me they were having the door hinges overnighted. Well, apparently "overnighted" means, another week. But, FINALLY done.
I've finished putting more coats of varnish on the medicine cabinet, so I'll get the bathroom put together this weekend (I hope).

We've decided to install a stained shelf on the toilet side wall, something like the below photo, so I'd like to buy fir for that soon.
I had bought a train rack for that wall, but it would have had to be installed off-center due to the ductwork in the wall, so I just decided to do this long shelf design instead. We'll install the train rack in the basement bathroom, which could really use the towel storage space.


  1. That looks a lot like the glass we used for our shower. Love it. Still would like to see yours in person.

  2. It's a bummer when people don't show up when they are suppose to. The bathroom looks perfect.