Thursday, August 23, 2018

Huge Record Purge

After finishing three file boxes of SCA records, I undertook to also sift through all our personal records. We had tons of them in the basement storage. I didn't take a specific picture of them before I started sifting, but I did find this one. You can see all the black and blue file boxes plus a few banker's boxes.
I've spent all week sifting and discarding nearly all the records from before 2010. It was appalling how many records we had from the 1990s. I cannot believe how many times we moved all this paper.

Anyway, I spent at least 20 hours this week and I've finally finished this project.
Sorted and Labelled and Ready to Move


  1. I have every tax return that I have ever filed. 1972 to now. When my mother passed I spent two days just burning check registers. She was a book keeper and her records were meticulous. She saved what she thought was important and not things that were sentimental (our old drawings or school work).

    1. I only have tax returns back to when we got married now (1987), and I got rid of all the supporting documents for anything older than 10 years. All my taxes fit in one tub. It has felt good to ditch so many boxes of paper. That stack of empty tubs is quite a bit larger now.

  2. Doesn't it feel great to rid yourself of all that useless stuff? It is so freeing to purge what is not needed. Glad you are making space in your life for what matters to you. ;0D