Tuesday, January 28, 2020

More Progress

I'm trying to have a healthier life balance this year so my quilting projects take me longer these days. Rather than losing an entire day in my sewing room, I have been trying to spend at least half my day doing cleaning, writing and exercise.

I finished assembling the Fire Dance quilt.
I have the border left to do, but I need Jeff's help to lay it out and measure it accurately. Sadly, it is now too big to do a fancy border so I'm just going to put a plain border on it. I could have finished it today, but I got distracted by a little tote bag project.

I found this project when I was googling how to make the denim circle quilt and I decided it would be good to make a little project first so I could get some practice on the technique.
This is what I got finished today before I had to go downstairs and work on my daily task list. It is made with little 4" denim circles cut from the scraps of denim I had leftover after I finished cutting out the 6" circles for the larger lap quilt. I had actually thrown all this away before I decided to do a second pass and cut the smaller circles. The cotton print fabrics are from my scrap bin.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a great balance. It may make your quilting more like a treat!

    I like that you are able to use up scraps to make something new!