Thursday, January 30, 2020

January Yard

We have had a really mild winter this year and our yard is already waking up. As I recall, we really only had one day with snow and it didn't even last through the day. I fear what this will mean for our summer weather. We really should have gotten in some rain barrels to save some of the rain.

I have been paying close attention to the yard this year. I've been outside taking photos every few days. I'm curious to know what survived our neglect and destruction and I'm hoping I'll be able to use the photos to locate bulbs next fall so we can dig them up and spread them out. There are quite a few bulbs popping up in places where we didn't plant them so it appears we didn't manage to kill everything.
This is the planter next to the patio. There is a lenton rose (hellebore) from our neighbor, donaleen. She gave us two plants a couple years ago and they are both in flower this year. The bulbs next to it we may have planted in 2017. I think I ordered them for the front yard parking strip but when we didn't prep it in time, I just put them in the backyard instead.
This is the other lenton rose in the planter next to the back patio.  There's lots of columbine coming back too.
This is under the black walnut. I actually planted the mini irises (Botanical Iris Reticulata) last fall, but the other bulbs are likely bluebells leftover from a prior resident. There used to be tons of them, but now they're just in a few spots. If we're here long enough, I'm going to try and dig them and spread them out again.
Not everything survived in the parking strip, but the plants that lived look quite nice.
This is a lenton rose of unknown variety in the front yard that was planted by a prior resident. It's very pretty. I need to watch and see if it makes seeds/seedlings.


  1. Wow! Your garden sure is waking up early this year! Nice to have so much color already.

  2. Some of the hellebores do seed. We have one like that that makes an overwhelming number of seedlings every year. Come and get some of you would like.