Thursday, April 30, 2020

April's WOOFA Finishes

April was not a good month for me. I spent half of it hanging out in the basement because I caught a cold and I didn't want to spread it to Jeff, just in case it was coronavirus. The isolation crashed my momentum for reupholstering the living room furniture in April. When my life recovered, I had a hard time picking up the project again.

Finally, I decided to shift gears to work on smaller, quicker projects. I spent a couple days making a pile of fabric face masks to give away to friends. I didn't have them all finished at once, so I didn't take a picture of the pile of them.

Then I spent four days making two dresses for Jeff's stuffed animal.
Then I spent a few days making placemats.
I plan to pick up the upholstery project again and finish it in May. I'm tired of my living room being a disaster.

Here's the status of my WOOFA list to date
Bind Dinosaur Lap Quilt
 (when returned from quilter)
Bind Batik Quilt (when returned from quilter)
Canvas Bag Repair (replace handles)
Denim Circle Quilt
Denim Circle Tote Bag
Halloween Monster Wreath (started)
Harvest Placemats
Harvest Quilt
Jeff’s Georgian Coat
Jeff’s Lumbar Pillow
Log Cabin Quilt (started decades ago)
Louisa’s Dress Batik
Louisa’s Dress Y-P
Louisa’s Dress: Remodel sq. dance skirt to Louisa Dress
Mug Rugs (started)
Navy/Gold Placemats
Rag Quilt Floral Y-G-R-P
Rag Quilt Grey
Rag Quilt Solar System
Rag Quilt Xmas
Recover Living Room Furniture
Sea Swept Quilt
Sharon’s Lumbar Pillow
Square Dance Skirt (elastic, eyelet)
Stack & Whack Quilt
Stenciled Pillow (panel stenciled already)
Summer Placemats
Tie Large Disaster Quilt (or just ditch it)
Tie/Quilt Scrap Lap Quilt
White Brocade Napkins
Woven Denim Tote Bag
Xmas Placemats
Xmas Quilt


  1. Do hope you are feeling a lot better..
    Cute dresses you made for the stuffed animals ..
    Great placemats too.

  2. It's hard to feel motivated when energy is lacking. Give yourself a break, knowing that it's a new month, your health is restored and you will knock it outta the park! ;0D

    1. Yeah, I'm feeling better, but I am easily distractible right now. :)

  3. The dresses are gorgeous...well done.
    AND yes sometimes motivation goes out the window... BuT it will return so be ready...xox

    1. I'll try to be ready. I hope I'll be up to another big project for Friday.