Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mostly Finished

I slipped away from my schoolwork today to finish up this skirt. Though, now that it's assembled, I've realized it's a bit short. I usually go for 20" square dance skirts and this one is 19". Oh well. I may look through my lace and see if I have something appropriate to add at the hemline, but I probably will just leave it as is.My favorite panel: Dragon!Now I just need to make Jeff ties for both skirts so we can wear them. I dug around and found the extra fabric, so I just need to do it. Most of the time tends to be re-threading my serger repeatedly with different colors and numbers of needles. It would have been much smarter to sew the ties together when I assembled the skirts, then it would not have added any additional re-threading time.

I hope to get them done this weekend, if I can get through my heavy load of school work. (Midterms start next week and the teachers are piling it on.)

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