Saturday, June 7, 2014

Going to Print

Well, I have heard from the American Bungalow magazine and our house will be featured in the issue after next, so I guess it's time to find some motivation. There are actually lots of projects I still want to do, but I just haven't felt like it. I'm hoping this latest news will give me the needed kick in the pants I've been lacking.

I've been eyeing that empty frieze in the living room for several weeks now. I think it may be time to try and tackle another stencil project. I got stalled on that one because I had actually had found too many period stencil options and I couldn't pick one.

Last month we FINALLY managed to move our stuff out of storage. (Only took us two extra years beyond the remodel, ha ha.) We spent a day organizing the basement and garage and much of the stuff went in those spaces. Pictures would mostly be piles of boxes, so I think I'll pass this time. It would be nice to get started sorting this stuff, but I'd rather do almost anything else than unpack boxes that include misc. boxes originally thrown together when we moved in 2006! Somedays it's very tempting to just call some charity to come take the pile away. Afterall, these boxes haven't been opened in years. How much do we really need this stuff?

UPDATE: I finally heard back from the writer who worked with me last year. Apparently the chief editor didn't like the article she wrote and so the article has been delayed until they get another article written.... I have no idea when something will be published, but American Bungalow has assured me that since they've paid for photos eventually something will. Oh well.