Sunday, May 1, 2016

Tile Glazing

Today was all about glazing tile. We are still in the process of making the decorative tiles for our bathroom. Georgie's didn't sell 2x2 bisque tiles, so we bought 2x6 tiles and cut them down. Because we actually wanted them to be true 2x2, we didn't get 3 tiles from each of them. Anyway, Barrett was nice enough to let us borrow his tile saw to cut down the bisque tiles.
Then I lightly sanded the sharp edges with leftover sandpaper from my woodwork sanding.
Bisque tiles laid out for glazing
Bisque tiles with 3 coats of glaze
I used a fan brush and a small dish to apply 3 coats of glaze with a bit of drying time between coats. I also rotated the direction I applied the glaze between coats to hopefully minimize the brush marks. (I don't really recommend styrofoam as a work surface. I just used it because it would protect the table and I didn't care if it got glaze on it because it was en route to the garbage.)

I am still awaiting an order of 160 6"x1/2" tiles before I can declare this project finished.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Master Bath Progress

Yesterday, George Ramos came and installed the medicine cabinet door.
Then today, Eric and Jeff went ahead and installed the sink faucet.
And some more pretties!
The toilet is operational!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Misc. Projects

I have no idea what to call this post. I spent about 3 hours last week updating Wunderlist again and getting my To Do list caught up. So that sent me and Jeff on a flurry of exciting activities, like cleaning the furnace filters and Vent-a-Hood fans. Super exciting, non-photogenic stuff. Though, I supposed I could have shown you how gross the screens in our air handler had become after too long between cleanings. LOL

I've made a lot of progress selling the huge piles of tile. We have almost a manageable amount of boxes now. And once we are really, truly done with our bathroom, I will donate or liquidate what's left. We've also sold some big, bulky SCA gear. Our basement is looking much emptier, though still an unphotogenic mess.

I've actually managed to raise most of the money I spent on rugs last month, so I'm feeling less guilty for making those purchases. Though my new living room rug still sits unopened in the package. I bought a rug pad for it, but I want to repair the chewed woodwork and paint the wall before I move in a larger rug.

I finished sewing my quilt bindings. And now that I'm looking back thru the blog, I see it took me more than 3 years to finish these bindings. That's really embarrassing. I haven't taken pictures of the completed quilts, but you can see the posts about when I made them here and here. I built them so quickly at the time, but then they just sat there unfinished for way too long. :(

And, I finally gave cutting a stencil a try. I was able to plug my Mac into the Copam cutter and they talked to eachother!! Though, it's hard to show a picture of etched plastic, this is what I was able to cut.
The dragon etched onto 7mil mylar
The original 1910s dragon tile
The cutter didn't cut through the 7 mil mylar but this time I have faith I can eventually get it to work; I just need to figure out the right settings, the right blade, and the right thickness of mylar. I am excited I finally made significant progress on this stencil project. Solving the problems, however, will wait until later this summer.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Tile Progress

Barrett actually managed to make it out to our house before noon yesterday and stayed until a reasonable time, so he got quite a lot done. Now we just need to figure out the accent tile. We're still waiting on the test firing, which I hope will be done on Monday.

We have a week to hustle to figure out the accent tiles before Barrett has time in his schedule to come back again, so hopefully we'll be ready for him.
Jeff just needs to install the supply line and the toilet seat and we'll have an operational toilet again! Yay!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bath Woodwork Stained

I spent the last few days staining the rest of the woodwork for the bathroom. The door is stained and lacquered. Today I put on both coats of stain on the medicine cabinet door. We're waiting for the beveled mirror for the medicine cabinet door before we install it.
I took this photo before the second coat of stain on the small pieces.
I actually finished both coats today.
Barrett came by and finished the shower floor today.