Saturday, July 4, 2015

Bought a Plug-in Hybrid

We went ahead and bought the Ford Fusion Energi. Since the car with the exact options we wanted was at another dealership, they need to bring it to Portland. And there is a chance  it was sold already, so it's possible we won't get it. But, more than likely, we bought a car today. I hope this one works out better than the Highlander. The Fusion isn't supposed to have the same issues with lights turning on every time you walk by (thus running dry the starter battery).
Now we really need to get the electrician out here. We need to have him install the hybrid charging station.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Car Shopping

There aren't many things worse than car shopping. Now throw in 90ºF+ heat. Yup, that's how our day went. Jeff has a friend who wants to buy our Toyota Highlander and we're happy to sell it to him. But at this point, we only have the one vehicle, so we're looking for a replacement.

We're looking for a plug-in hybrid. Our short list (in no particular order): Ford Fusion, Ford C-Max, and Chevy Volt. We aren't really considering the Toyota Prius given how dissatisfied we've been with Toyota.
Ford Fusion
Chevy Volt
Jeff also likes the Ford C-Max, but we didn't end up with a picture of it. Here is one from the Ford website.
Ford C-Max
It looks more like how you expect hybrids to look. I like the conventional car look of the Fusion and Volt better. That being said, Jeff is doing all the test driving and he'll probably end up picking which he likes driving best.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Closet Installed

Thanks to Jeff for installing our new brass closet rods. Apparently the new bracket was a little larger than the one in the closet before we refinished. There was exactly one size available in brass finish and I bought it. I can live with it.
I also FINALLY shellacked the doors in the guest bedroom. I stained these all the way back in late 2013, but after they were hung they required some repair in the staining. I have no idea why I didn't just get it done at the time...but I think I was already too busy goofing off in my video games. Now I need to figure out what happened to the door hardware. :D We have so much sifting to do.
Since the guest room is still full of my sewing room furniture I can't back up enough from the doors to get a good photo.
I'm hoping we get some cooler weather next week so I will be motivated to finish painting the sewing room. It's not terrible up there in the morning because of the AC, but it's pretty warm by the end of the day. And the heat has messed up my sleeping schedule again. Ugh. Insomnia sucks.

Hot Weather Whining

Not many projects are getting done this week. Portland is having a bit of a heat wave; at least compared to what we are acclimated to. Ugh. It has sucked. It's still in the 70s in the middle of the night and has been in the 90s during the day. It was over 100ºF the other day. Jeff is working this week with his friend building a patio roof, so he's been gone most of the day.

Unfortunately, I'm spending too much time in the basement, and I've been drawn to my stupid video game too much this week. Yuck. I hope this heat wave does NOT last all summer as I have a bunch of projects I am hoping to get done. I did finally get ahold of our floor refinisher and he isn't available until the second half of September. Now I'm really wishing I had called him as soon as we started stripping paint in that room. I might look for another floor refinisher, but I really like Perry from Reborn Floors (503-860-1930). He did a great job in the other rooms. I still haven't been able to talk to our fantastic electrician, Mike from B&H Electric (503-970-5730). Hopefully he is available before September.

Last night we started dealing with resolving some of our long-neglected computer problems. We desperately need to retrieve files from our old computers, but none of them are in full working order. Jeff managed to get hooked up to his old backup drive and was delighted to find his huge collection of music! We both did a happy dance with that one because I had been remembering the weeks I spent feeding disks into the computer when we originally ripped the disks to the computer. I am SO glad I don't have to do that again.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to retrieve the files off my old computer. Until I do, I've lost all my historic house research and irreplaceable photos of our house purchase and remodel. The computer still turns on, but it hangs during start up. I also have a backup drive somewhere, but it got misplaced during the post-remodel clean up for the photo shoot. I don't need everything off the old computer, but it sure would be nice to retrieve all my stencil pattern files and old house books I'd downloaded.

We also received a new brass bracket for the sewing room closet to replace the white one that used to be in there. We've replaced all the rods in the house with stout brass closet rods and Jeff cut them to length for the sewing room last night. Hopefully we'll get it all installed later today, once he's done with work.

We dug cans of paint out of the garage too, but I'm not sure when I'll be motivated to haul myself upstairs and start masking the sewing room. My motivation is definitely flagging with the floor finishing being so far in the future. We might try to wait out this heat.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

1910 style LED lightbulbs

OK, let's try this again. I was looking for Edison style LED lightbulbs for our historic light fixtures. I did a search in Amazon and found some really great ones. But, unfortunately, I didn't realize my search results also included a bunch of incandescent bulbs and I ordered some by mistake. Thanks to a more observant reader, my mistake was discovered before I received my order and I was able to return the wrong bulbs before I opened the box. It cost me $8.45 in shipping, but that is just the cost of not checking all the details before hitting that order button.

I have since done another, more careful search, and I will share what I have found:
LED Vintage Filament Bulb, ST19 Edison Style, 4W to Replace 40W Incandescent Bulb, Super Warm White. I love this one, but tragically it is longer than our light fixture shades.
VCE (12-PACK) 4W LED Filament Light Bulb LED Edison Bulb 4W for Home to Replace Incandescent 40W Bulb Soft White 
Leadleds E27 LED Filament Light Bulb Lamp Nostalgic Edison Style E27 4W to Replace 40W Incandescent Bulb Soft White 360° Beam Angle
They claim to be based on a 1910 style; our house is 1912. These would be perfect for all our open lights in the living areas that currently have compact fluorescents (ugly and definitely not period looking).