Saturday, February 6, 2016

Mosaic Tile Floor

The mosaic in the bathroom is laid, but it is still not done. It still needs to be grouted.
Barrett managed to turn this 2-day job into a 4-day job because he had to take so much time off to deal with family stuff (6-days if you include the two sick days). The floor does look nice though and I'm looking forward to it being grouted on Monday.

Now that we've got until next Friday before the cabinet is installed, we'll probably try and get the ceiling installed this coming week. And I'll hopefully get the woodwork for the baseboards stained and varnished so they can be installed too.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Lucky Coincidence

I was cruising through the 1907 Mott's Plumbing catalog again tonight trying to work out the shower design (again) and I came across this picture of the Plaza bathroom.
As I looked closer, I realized not only did it use the design I was considering for our shower tile, but it also had a nearly identical pattern on the floor to what we chose. This is pretty exciting for me, because I'm a historic research freak.
I still haven't entirely figured out the plan for the shower enclosure. I can't get a period shower as they aren't made anymore and I'm not rich enough to have one made, but I will do what I can to come up with something that doesn't look too modern. I was actually really surprised to see angle brackets on this shower enclosure from the same 1907 catalog.
If you look really close at the left edge of the glass, there are metals tabs holding it together. That makes me feel a lot better about having to use a few in our shower design. I guess there are really only so many ways to hold glass together, so it's not a huge surprise they thought them up by 1907.

Tile Floor Progress

Barrett cancelled yesterday because he was sick, but today he finally got started. He said he started laying out the fancy border design as he went, but then the cement was drying before he could finish, so he decided it was easier to lay out the floor with the basic grid and borders, and then tomorrow he will pop out the appropriate white pieces and replace with green pieces.
This pattern was pulled from a period tile catalog. We doubled up all the borders to get the pattern to work better with our room dimensions.

The dog children are learning to hang out together. For the most part they are both doing great, but Shasta still doesn't want to cuddle with Bailey, nor does she have much interest in sharing her treats.
It's pretty hard to wait the 2 weeks until Bailey's suture heals to be able to let her really play hard. The poor thing is going a little stir crazy because we're having to keep her leashed at the dog park.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Embroidered Pillow Designs (1910)

I've been poking around some of the period texts I downloaded a couple years ago and I ran across these black and white pictures of embroidered pillows. This particular publication is called "Home Needlework Magazine" and the photos are from the Feb 1910 edition.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tile Layout

Barrett from Reiner Tile came out for three hours today and started laying out the tile in our bathroom. Jeff enjoyed working with him figuring out how to lay out the design so it broke at the right places.
Barrett took off for 45 minutes at about 4PM to take his cat to the vet but didn't come back. Oh well, I guess it did not go well; poor kitty. Hopefully he'll come tomorrow.

George Ramos is making the cabinet and asked to delay installation so I pushed out the soapstone measuring a week, to Feb 15.