Thursday, April 1, 2021

Closet Installed

We made good progress on our closet the past few days. We've installed the fixed shelving on the right side and face frame on the cabinets. Most of the wood was shellacked before it was installed, but I still need to shellac the face frame pieces. I would have shellacked everything, but I was worried there may be damage during the install and I figured it would be easier to touch up just stain.

Back when we did the rest of the closet I bought all the brass rods and brackets we needed to finish this closet, but then we used them in the guest room and sewing room closets, so today I ordered more. (If I had remembered, I would have ordered weeks ago.) I was relieved I could still find them, but it wasn't easy.

We still need to cut plywood shelves for the cabinets. And I have about two weeks to finish shellacking everything before we receive the rods.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Enjoying the Yard

I have really been enjoying all the beautiful plants out in the yard. Flowers started quite early with the Hellebores blooming in winter.

Hellebore of an unknown variety. Planted by an earlier resident.
This is an Hellebore 'Apricot Blush'. The flowers are red on the outside,
but apricot on the inside. Very lovely.
The white hellebore is a 'Picotee Pearl.' It has grown really
fast so it must love that spot. The pink hellebore to the right was a
gifted plant I got from a neighborhood friend. 
Most of the crocuses came out right before our freak snow storm
but didn't last too well with all the weight of the snow on them.
Epimedium x warleyense
We have so many daffodils coming up in the yard. I tried to dig up
the clumps last year and spread them out, but I guess I missed a couple.
Corydalis solida ‘Purple Bird’. I thought this one died because
it's a summer deciduous plant but there it is! Yay!
Hyacinth 'Gipsy Queen'
The Red Flowering Currant is only days away from being absolutely stunning.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Douglas Fir Staining

I put the last coat of stain on the plywood pieces this morning. 

Then, this afternoon, Jeff and I spent a couple hours finalizing the right side shelf design and measured and cut out the rest of the douglas fir. It didn't make much of a dent in our douglas fir stash out in the garage.

Tomorrow morning I'll put on the second coat of stain. It is possible we could start installing them as early as tomorrow afternoon, though we may want to wait until Monday morning to make sure they're totally dry.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Closet Progress

The boxes are built and installed. The douglas fir plywood is cut and ready for staining.

I know how I get to spend the weekend.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Next Up: Closet Shelving

We got a new toy! We're going to have to get rid of more stuff from the garage to make room for this!
Last Friday we went and bought the plywood to make the cabinets for the bedroom closet so hopefully, progress will begin soon. As a reminder, this is the plan.
I haven't made much progress on the back stairs since my last post. I bought a can of paint for the balusters and we scrubbed it down to get off most of the dirt, but now we need it to dry out enough to sand it. I need at least a week of dry weather to refinish the wood. 

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Front Porch is Finished

Jeff from Hand Made Home finished our front porch. It looks amazing. It took three coats to get a nice even finish.

This was the before.
He obviously removed the old decking and replaced it with new wood.

The cedar for the back stair railing has been cut out. We got some help with the cutting from a guy named Tracy Livingston who used to be a contractor and is trying to get back into the game.
They were removed after this photo so I can paint them before the final install. Since we're out of the paint, I'm basically waiting for the next paint sale then I'll go buy a gallon.

I'm also waiting for several days of nice weather so I can sand down the deck and apply a new finish. Given the current forecast, it could be a couple of weeks.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Railing Progress

I've planed down the cedar and our installer did a temporary install on these boards so we could get the spacing right. There will be additional pieces of wood installed at the top and bottom that will hide the ends of the slats.  

Once the lower portions are cut out, we'll mark the diamonds, take out all the wood and cut them out. We'd also like to route the edges of the top rail. Then I'll start finishing it. I've learned from my past mistakes; we'll be finishing before the final install.

I was planning to paint them, but we seem to be out of that white color paint. But we do have lots of the opaque white stain we used on the pergola and fence, so I'm considering staining instead. I really don't understand the difference in durability.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Stair Rail Demo'd

It's too late to turn back now. We have bought the materials for the new railing (and OMG it was not easy to find clear cedar 2x6s). This time we're going to paint it before it's installed. The newells seem to be in good shape so I think we'll leave them alone; we need to fill some nail holes and repaint them before we install the new rails.

The rails came out really easy because they were so rotted on the bottom. Demo only took about an hour.
I am also planning to clean and refinish the decking while we have the rails out. I'll need to wait for several days of good weather before I can get started so it will probably be a couple weeks. We're expecting rain for the rest of the week so I'll focus my efforts on painting the new lumber.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Replacing Rotted Railing

When CDR installed our back stairs in 2012, they put in hemlock! In Rainy Oregon. Outdoors. Had they taken one minute to ask us what we wanted, we would have approved and paid for a more durable outdoor wood. But what is done, is done. And now the backstair railing wood is all rotted out. 

We found someone who can help us replace the current railing so we're going to try and do that in the next few weeks, but we are going to change the design so hopefully there will be less problem with water seeping into crevices and rotting out the wood. And I'd really like to install flat sawn balusters rather than plain spindles.

My plan is to use this style of install from the Lowe's DIY website: How to Build a Front Porch Railing.

I'm hoping by sandwiching the balusters between two boards with nothing filling the gaps between them the water will just run right through. And I'll be painting and/or staining before the final install.

And I'm hoping to do flat sawn balusters that are more like these, from the Pretty Handy Girl website.
We're working on our material list right now and we'll be buying them as soon as we figure out the final plan.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Front Planter Destroyed

New renters arrived to move into the house next door on Monday when our snow was so bad and they decided to drive across our front planter (even though I ran out and told them it was there) and then they got stuck. Duh. Then they spent a couple hours trying to dig the truck out of it. Sigh. I feel sorry for all the plants they killed. =(

I don't have any recent photos, but this is how it looked on Jan 2. The ajuga was looking pretty good for being in the middle of winter. And the ferns were getting established. I'm most disappointed about the purple iris being destroyed. I had also planted quite a few bulbs in there, but I don't really remember how many and which varieties. Presumably, they were crushed, but I guess we will see.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

(Re)Started Quilt Blog

This blog started as a way for us to share with our family what we were up to after we moved out of state. But over time, as we remodeled our craftsman home in Laurelhurst, it morphed into a historic house remodel blog. It was a way for me to save info I had researched and as a way to record progress on our projects. But I have shifted a lot of my leisure activities to fabric crafts now and they don't really fit into the Laurelhurst Craftsman house theme. I will still use this blog for our gardening and woodworking projects since they still benefit this house.

Once the weather warms up we do hope to do another round of woodworking. I would very much like to finish my master bedroom closet. We decided to try and make the cabinets ourselves but the pandemic brought our progress to a halt. I'm hoping we'll get back to work on the project later this year.

Anyway, since I am seriously considering starting a long arm quilting business, I decided I should shift my sewing-related posts over to my long-abandoned quilt blog. Once I figure out a new name, I'll change the name of the blog, but I will leave it as it is for now.

If you're here primarily for the quilt posts, I would encourage you to follow that blog. I will start using that blog to post about project progress and challenges I am participating in.

I have posted a new post over there.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

New Porch Floor

The porch is not finished, but they won't be making any more progress this week because of the snow. The new porch floor is looking really nice. As a reminder, the wood is meranti decking.

The contractor added a groove along the edge and installed it with a separate tongue. This is a photo of an exposed edge so you can see the detail.
The wood is unfinished in this photo. After he finishes the install, he'll finish the floor in place, but that won't happen until we have warmer weather, maybe in March.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Queen's Jewel Quilt Finished

I actually finished this quilt binding before the other two quilts, but it took me a few days to take photos, which are not great. The master bedroom is a bit of a mess.

I ended up making four sets of matching pillowcases for this quilt because Jeff likes LOTS of pillows on the bed and if I wait until the first set of cases wear out to make more, the fabric will likely be gone. So I decided to make more pillowcases right away and store them in the linen closet until we need them.

This pattern was inspired by the Queen's Jewel pattern from Quick Quilts from Your Scrap Bag by Patricia Wilens. I removed the outer border from each block and replaced it with a sashing. 
This quilt was finished with the Dragon Tails pantograph.

And recently I realized this is nearly the same quilt block design I declared was "next" in the queue in April 2018 (but it obviously wasn't). Perhaps that is why the queen's jewel pattern attracted me when I found it. Also, I ended up with nearly the same color scheme (green, blue, and purple); a happy accident. 

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Fire Dance Quilt Finished

For this month's Friday Night with Friends, I decided I wanted to try to finish the binding on my Fire Dance quilt. I started at about 5:30PM and I was done by 9:30PM. I don't think I'll ever go back to sewing bindings by hand; I used to take weeks to finish them. (The trick is to sew the binding to the backside of the quilt and then flip it to the front so the "messy" side is on the back. I found several good videos showing how to do it, but this is the best one.)

I made two sets of matching pillowcases for this one.
I had it quilted with the Lorien's Dragons pantograph, which I love.
This quilt pattern was inspired by the quilt of the same name from the Batik Beauties book by Laurie J. Shifrin. I designed some half-blocks to make it larger for my bed.
This was the quilt flimsy laid out on my bed before it was quilted.

Friday, February 5, 2021

Lenton Rose Quilt Finished

I finally finished the batik flower quilt I started in October 2019. I had hoped to take Long Arm Quilting classes so I could finish it myself, but I finally got tired of waiting for the pandemic to end so I paid someone else to finish it for me. 

This is one I designed myself using Electric Quilt 7. I made it using the Providence Block and added a bit of sashing because I thought it looked better. I'm not sure how I came up with the name Lenton Rose but I suspect I named it last spring when all our hellebores were in bloom.

I sorted through the fabrics I used for this quilt and found enough fabric to make three sets of matching pillowcases. I used the burrito method to make the pillowcases and it worked quite well, though I am not exact in my measurements. I tended to make the cuff a little bit wider and the trim a little smaller (or I would just use a scrap I had leftover from the project).

I had it quilted with the Flutterwings quilting design.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Porch Progress

Hand Made Home started the porch remodel on Monday. They started by plastic-wrapping the porch (because of the lead paint) which made it impossible to take photos of the floor removal. LOL

Today they were leveling the floor joists and prepping the floor for the new decking. Tomorrow, they are going to finish the bottom of the boards back at their shop, then on Monday, they're going to start installing the new floor.
Sorry for the bad photo, I had to take it through the screen door.
Meanwhile, I have spent the week up in my sewing room working on my WOOFA list and One Monthly Goal. I've made a lot of progress. I'll do an update over the weekend.

Monday, February 1, 2021

February One Monthly Goal

My February One Monthly Goal is actually five tasks. Over the past few weeks, I have gotten back FIVE quilts from the long arm machine quilter. I would like to finish binding ALL of them. This is a lot for such a short month, but I am anxious to work on a new project so I want to be sure and finish these first.

It was an expensive month, really with no end in sight. I like making quilts. So, I'm thinking pretty seriously about getting a long arm quilting machine and frame.