Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Shelves Finished!

I am so excited to finally be nearing the completion of my closet project. Today, Jeff cut down the shelves to the right dimensions and then I sanded the edges and applied edge-banding. I used the pre-glued kind and it was much easier than I was expecting.

As seems to be typical for this project, I don't have enough shelf pins so I've already ordered those. They'll be here Friday.

Next up, we need to install the closet rods. At this point, it will probably be the weekend before we finish because Jeff gets his second round of coronavirus vaccine tomorrow. Based on reports from friends we're expecting he'll be wiped out for at least two days.


  1. Would you mind sharing where you sourced your brass hanging rods from? We’re contemplating adding a built in wardrobe to our 1920’s cottage and I’d love to use something special to the interior since the rest will be paint grade.

    1. Sure, they're the Lido Brand. You can get them from Home Depot, though they seem to be special order now. You can also find them at several sites online. Just do a search on "Lido brass closet rod."